Photos at the Farm

So what does a photo session with kids and animals look like?

*A bit of chaos and a whole lot of fun* Only slightly kidding, but keep reading!

Depending on the age of your child, I try to incorporate play into photos. By doing this I have been successful getting the authentic, adorable, photos that make you melt and laugh (even better, your kiddo usually smiles without prompting). My best advice - go into your child's photo session with no expectations. I know, that doesn't sound right. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and all the other platforms always show magazine worthy photos. The real secret is those photos are usually captured in between moments. And better yet? When you look at your photographs you will see your kid's personality shining through.

**Unicorn photo sessions turn out best Spring through start of Summer and again start of Fall. **

A lot of photography sessions are done in conjunction with American Made Miniatures Farm Sanctuary. If you are wanting photos at AMMF I recommend completing your tour or pony class on a separate day from photos. There are a lot of animals there and it can be overwhelming for kiddos and parents to try to do both! Sorry guys, I don't handle the booking of tours, but the link below will help you get started with that tour.