Payment Due

A $100.00 retainer is due at time of booking. Booking will not be secured until retainer is received! Remainder of chosen session is due at time of shoot. 

Excess Energy

You know your horse best! Please make sure he is lunged, exercised, turned out (or whatever works best) to ensure the best cooperation during a session. If possible, introduce your horse to the location(s) we will be holding the session at. While this is not always possible -the goal is to try to make him as relaxed as possible with his surroundings!

Clean & Dry

A bath before a session ensures their coat is clean and dry. Dry is very important because that cannot be corrected during final edits on your photos! Right before your shoot we are going to spray EquiFUSE on your horse's coat to maximize their shine.


You may choose to plait/braid his mane and tail or leave it natural. If you decide to leave it natural I recommend bringing a brush to get any knots out of his hair, and also correct any flyaways during the shoot. The roots of the mane/tail are also notorious for holding dirt (double check for cleanliness here, you don't want that showing up on camera!)


Swirls, nostrils, and eyes are also notorious for holding dirt. A damp cloth works great to wipe around these sensitive areas Hoof Polish! I actually recommend hoof polish not be used. Depending on where we shoot, dirt and other debris may collect and build on the polish. A brush or damp cloth works best for getting the fronts of those hooves clean.


Don't stress if your horse gets a couple nicks or scratches before his shoot. Usually this is relatively easy to fix on the final edits of your photos.


What to Bring

*Please bring a leather halter or bridle, possibly even a clean saddle! - depending on what you would like your horse photographed with. **Leather halters are available to use if notified in advance. And, depending on preference and horse - we may be able to take photos of your horse without any gear on his face!

*A couple of small towels for wiping any dirt off your horse.

*TREATS! Lots of treats - carrots, nicker makers, sugar cubes, etc.. I try to avoid apples as they can be messy. 


Be on time for your shoot! Please take into consideration how long it will take to clean your horse (and also yourself if you are going to be in photos). After 15 minutes tardy, shoot and retainer will be considered forfeited. 

Expectations During Session

Relax! Your horse is going to follow your body language. If you are having fun, your horse is going to have fun as well (means we get the best photos). We are going to use the treats to get your horse to turn his head/body. It is ok if at first your horse is confused! I promise, your horse will catch on to what you are asking and they will start posing. However, if you are concerned about posing I like to practice at home in a stall/paddock/(anywhere!) by having him hold his body still and moving his head - followed by the treat reward. 


Receiving Your Photos

I remove stress out of the equation and select only the best of the photos for viewing after your shoot. (Bloopers do make it into this list!). I prefer quality over quantity - and for this reason you will never receive a proofing gallery of 100 photos with the expectation to only choose a few. This process will take up to a week before you are able to select the photos you would like for final edits. Final edits will take approximately 3-4 weeks once your photo selection is confirmed.

During the selection of final edits you may choose to upgrade your shoot to include more photos (if you haven't already). You may also decide during this time what wall art would look best in your home. It's ok it you don't know yet! You will also have the chance to select wall art final edits have been made and released. 

Once you have received your final edits via online gallery, download them and back them up!

**If you are an Amazon Prime member you receive unlimited photo storage for free.** Back to the fun stuff - if you purchase wall art within 5 days of your final gallery, you will receive a 20% discount on those purchases!

The very last thing... ENJOY your photos!

By Chelsey Squibbs Photography