Before & After, The Story of B

B was the second mare I'd ever owned. Admittedly both made me question my sanity but also made me a better horse woman and taught me respect had to be earned - not given. (Thanks geldings for giving me false illusions on this lesson. HA!)

B was part of a large herd bailout from a feedlot in Fallon, NV. Many of the horses were malnourished, hooves overgrown, and untouchable. As the herd was dispersed, B fell into the hands of American Made Miniatures Farm Sanctuary, and eventually I asked to adopt the wide eyed, skinny, palomino mare.

What happened in the following months wasn't easy. I worked on gaining B's trust and put weight back on that she desperately needed- managed to get a halter on her 3 times - with each time B finagling the halter off. I enlisted the help of a woman who had significant experience with mustangs, which really was the turning point in B's and my relationship. B became halter broke - was able to get those overgrown hooves trimmed - got the weight back on, and was finally able to be turned out in pasture with other horses.

Nine years later B is undoubtedly the smartest horse I have (don't tell my gelding!). She has a habit of separating from her herd to go play in overgrown bushes. But hey, who am I to question strange habits?

B is also a big reason why, with every session I do, a portion of those funds are donated back to the non-profit who made it possible for B to cross paths with me so long ago. Oh, and B officially stands for Butterball... because she is quite the easy keeper these days!

Do you have a rescue? Let me know in the comments, Facebook, or Instagram. I always love seeing those before & afters!