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Hi there! My name is Chelsey.

Based in Petaluma, CA. I've been horse crazy since I can remember, in fact my first memory of riding a horse was getting bucked off by a pony that I called Buckshot. (Not sure if the name came before or after!) My brothers laughed when I got bucked, so naturally I laughed too and the rest is history.

My passion for photographing began in high school, but I didn't become serious until my twenties. I'd lost all photos of my first horse, an off the track Thoroughbred named High Brite Glory- for almost 10 years she was nothing but a memory - until I found 3 pictures of her in 2019. I started by photographing my own horses, taking classes, and quickly progressed to photographing others' horses in Sonoma County.

I'm a huge fan of equine black background photos, unicorn photos, and family photos including your equine (don't worry, your horse doesn't have to be in all the photos!). Milestone, college graduation, etc. more than welcome too!

As part of building a business, I've made a dedication to donate a portion of all session proceeds to a local non-profit in Petaluma: American Made Miniatures Farm Sanctuary. (Also the reason why I have two horses instead of one. Because.... RESCUES! Right?) Feel free to visit AMM