Hi there! My name is Chelsey.

Based in Petaluma, CA. I've been horse crazy since I can remember, in fact my first memory of riding a horse was getting bucked off by a pony that I called Buckshot. (Not sure if the name came before or after!) My brothers laughed when I got bucked, so naturally I laughed too and the rest is history.

My passion for photographing began in high school, but I didn't become serious until my twenties. I'd lost all photos of my first horse - for almost 10 years she was nothing but a memory - until I found 3 pictures of her in 2019. I started by photographing my own horses, taking classes, and quickly progressed to photographing others' horses.

I'm a huge fan of equine black background photos, but I also love the challenge of capturing the relationship between you and your horse!

As part of building a business, I've made a dedication to donate a portion of all session proceeds to a local non-profit in Petaluma: American Made Miniatures Farm Sanctuary. (Also the reason why I have two horses instead of one. Because.... RESCUES! Right?)

Petaluma Equine Photographer

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