Wall Art Pricing

No sales pressure here.

Some invest more in wall art than their photography session.

Some may spend $3 total or $3000 total. It is all up to you!

You may be thinking why you should invest in wall art and what picture to use.

Think about this. Have you ever had a bad day, and you go home, look at a photograph and get that warm fuzzy feeling because of the memories that come from the photo?

**Purchasing wall art is optional. Pricing subject to change at any time**

Metals & 1.5"Gallery Wrap Canvas

40x60 X-Large $2800
30x40 Large $1500
24x36 Medium $1000
16x24 Small $700
12x18** Mini $350
**or smaller
5X7 $75


Museum Gallery Wrap

Priced by longest edge, true museum quality able to be clean with Windex or water. 2" bars with clear acrylic brushstrokes. Custom sizing available.
12'' $580
18" $795
24" $1265
30" $1525
36" $1875
40" $2050
50" $3040
60" $4700
70" $7700


Fine Art Prints

12X18 $75
11x14 $50
8x12 $40
8X10 $40
5x7 $20
4x6 $20

**Set of (20) Twenty 4x6 Prints $125
**Set of (10) 4x6 Prints $75
**Set of 5x7 add $25 to price above


My goal is to provide photographs

that match your dream and vision so at the end of your session, you say "That was amazing". I don't want to provide just nice photos, I want you to have photos that bring back great memories. If I don't beleive I can take the photographs you want, I will communicate and not 'just take your money'.