Geared towards horses and other animals in their 20's or those with a terminal illness, Forget Me Not is designed to capture ALL of your equine partner and the life you have had together. Because as time goes by we forget what the whiskers on their muzzle looked like and how long (or short!) their eyelashes were. Halters, Bridles, Saddles, etc. are more than welcome during the session. **Tack does not have to be placed on the horse to be photographed**. If you feel like spontaneously hugging your horse, don't hesitate! I promise 5, 10, or even more years from now when you look at your photos and reminisce, you won't care about your hair or clothes.

The horse sets the pace of the photos, so I work around their physical capabilities. You can expect a variety of color and black and white photos and better yet, there are no minimum or maximum photos. Your horse really does set the pace of the session!

While I mainly photograph horses, all animals are welcome to participate in Forget Me Not photographs.

I do my best to work around time constraints if your horse has that final vet visit scheduled - please don't hesitate to reach out!

Close up of Piglet for The Tilly Project at Spring Lake Santa Rosa
Kelli giving Dancer a kiss on the nose for The Tilly Project
Maverick being groomed by his owner at American Made Miniatures in Petaluma